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Fishing rod and pole manufacture has come a long way over the last 20 years. The transition from Fibre Glass to carbon fibre has made anglers lives much easier as the poles and rods are so much lighter and more specifically designed for what they are required to do.

Garbolino are heavily involved in the reasearch and development of carbon production techniques with it's sister company V-Tech. V-Tech is always striving to find new ways in which to work with carbon and does this in association with local government.

The investment in this machinery is enormous but the benefit is that Garbolino are always at the forefront of this new technology.

One of the key advantages the business has is that we actually impregnate our own fibres. The benefits are that we can control exactly the amount of resin content in the carbon. We can mix different carbons to create our own hybrid versions and tailor the finished impregnated carbon specifically to each individual section of each pole depending on its strength, lightness rigidity requirement.

The other key advantage is that we can control our raw material quality as well as our manufacturing process which means that we are in total control of our product quality.

Impregnating our own carbon also means that we can be even more price competitive as we cut out one step in the distribution chain. This ultimately leads to better value for money for the angler!