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At Garbolino we pride ourselves in being innovative. over the last few seasons we have come up with some genuinely fantastic ideas that help catch more fish. With our team of consultants the ideas just keep on coming! We were the first with Extendable Potting Kits, universal Flat Butts, first commercially made pellet wagglers, inventors of the Method Speed mould. Plus we have many more other accessories that are top quality at a realistic price.

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We have now established an enormous range of floats in our portfolio. Diego da Silva is meticulous in his design of his DS range of floats. He know what he wants and has put a fantastic range of silver fish floats together. Darren Cox and Neil Machin have gone to town on the commercial DC range to give every single pattern required for today's UK commercial fisheries. Robust and practical, these floats are used be a lot of the UK's best!

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Garbolino were the first company to make purpose designed pellet waggler floats commercially available. the loaded pellet wagglers are best sellers throughout the country. There are several different patterns in the range now including unloaded and splasher versions. Our bodied loaded insert wagglers are also perfect for silver fishing on big waters.

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pole accessories

Elastics have changed dramatically over the last 5 years and we have developed our own elastics accordingly. Whether you prefer hollow elastics like Neil Machin or solid latex versions like Simon Fry and Steve Cooke the we have it all. The Garbolino Latex is well used by a lot of Britain's best anglers! Extremely consistent and totally reliable.

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"It took a long time to find the right hook length and rig line and I am delighted with the Garbo Line. It is consistent, supple, accurate and totally reliable. Now we have the Garbo Reel Line which is perfect for main line rod and reel fishing. It is ultra smooth, will float or sink whatever you care to do with it, and it definately improves your distance,it is so smooth!" Darren Cox

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