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Garbolino Power Kits are designed to the highest specification and fit most of the poles in the range, all the kits below will fit the following poles: - G Max, G995, G796, G Force Power, Carp Match, G10, G8, G50, G60, Super Legion, Super League, Power legion, Power League, Premier Legion, Antidote, Freestyle, Infinitum, Commercial F1, X-terminator, Bazookarp, Carpstrike, Next Generation, plus many old models. When deciding which Top Kit to buy, remember that the price of the kit will reflect the quality of carbon used in manufacturing it.

Garbolino 2 piece Power kits are designed with a fast action taper that helps maintain rigidity within the kit, this helps the elastic to work more efficiently and makes it easier to land big fish quickly without fuss.

There is no need to cut too much off the tips as they already have a
large tip diameter. We have also added a budget version for those who don't want to spend too much money on extra kits.
Great value for money at £44.99!
Code Length (m) Sections Weight (g) Elastic Rating RRP (£)
K2P/FLKV 2.95 2 45 20 (2.1mm) £59.99
K2P/SPLV 2.95 2 40 20 (2.1mm) £79.99
K2P/PLGV 2.95 2 46 20+ £79.99
GOMRA8701PKU 2.95 2 50 20 (2.1mm) £44.99