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Same body shape and loading as the bodied wagglers but with three interchangeable plastic antennas for better bite indication and improved visibility.

Ideal for calm conditions or when fishing off the bottom for roach and skimmers. The fluted tip is very easy to see at distance without increasing resistance to the bite. Designed for accurate waggler fishing at all depths these loaded bodied wagglers with strong peacock antennas and dart flights cast like a dream. They can also be used for slider fishing by taking the majority of the loading out of the adjustable base
Code Size (g)   RRP (£)
GOMAA0852-DCMILW6 6   £4.99
GOMAA0852-DCMILW8 8   £4.99
GOMAA0852-DCMILW10 10   £4.99
GOMAA0852-DCMILW12 12   £4.99
GOMAA0852-DCMILW14 14   £4.99
GOMAA0852-DCMILW16 16   £4.99