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Ian 'Diddy" Didcote as he is known is Mr Consisitent. He loves team fishing and was groomed by Kim Milsom in his early team fishing at Van den Eynde Essex. That's probably one of the reasons he is so good. He always finds some fish wherever he sits down and has now established himself as a key player in the mighty Dorking squad. Latterly its his individual successes in the prestigous Stafford Moor Silvermaniac final and Drennan Knockout Cup which have been most impressive.

What Diddy has to say.

"I live in Gloucestershire and absolutely love natural venues, pitting your ability against wild fish is a massive buzz.. I pride myself on being a all round angler and mastering various methods as it makes u a better angler. Garbolino products never let me down and tick all the boxes in each and every way".


Bait-Tech Distributor


Gloucester canal


Thames champion team and individual Stafford Moor Silvermania Champion 2008 Milo Festival winner 2008 2nd Individual Winter League Final 2008 3rd Individual Team Match at Evesham 2008 NFA Division 2 team winners. Super League individual champion, 3 x Winter League titles. 2 x Evesham festival team winners with Essex Member of Dorking Stafford Moor Silvermaniac £1000 winner 2008 & 2010 Drennan Knockout runner up 2009 Drennan Knockout £5,000 winner 2010

Top Tips: 

1). Always go to a venue with a open minded approach as no two days are the same.

2). Keep your pole as clean as possible this will aid handling.

3). Check your elastic on a regular basis for wear and deterioration. if in doubt change it.

4). When using puller kits it's not always nessasary to use heavy elastic as you are able to shorten the elastic during the fight making it stronger.

5). When you are faced with windy conditions, hang water filled groundbait buckets from your pole rollers to prevent movement and possibly breakages.

6). Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!!!!


Long pole and waggler