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Jamie Wilde was always going to be a brilliant angler! He used to fish at an early age with dad Geoff who was a key member of the very successful Goldthorpe Team, a team which rivalled Barnsley Blacks for many years. Jamie grew up around some of the best angling brains at the time, and took every snippet of information in, and made it his own. He had been hugely successful prior to winning the prestigious £25,000 Parkdean Masters final at White Acres, but this really shot him into the angling limelight. Jamie is considered something of a big weight specialist, largely due to some of the huge weights from White Acres and local venues like Hayfield and Hallcroft in his native south Yorkshire. A brilliant carp feeder, pole and waggler angler! However, he is one of those anglers who can naturally turn to any style of angling and just loves every style of match fishing. A born winner who works hard at his sport every time he sits down on the bank.


Parkdean Masters £25,000 Champion 2014

White Acres Milo Festival Winner

4 Times Parkdean Masters Finalist

3 Times Maver Match This Finalist

3 Times Golden Reel Finalist

9 Top 5 Place Finishes at  Whiyeacres Festivals

Numerous Open Match Wins

Top Tips: 

Always be prepared!

Due as much research on venues as possible 

Make sure your gear is in tip top condition

Fish your own match and dont try and follow others

Enjoy your fishing, be positive and go with a winning attitude