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Hi I'm Matt, I live in Droitwich near Worcester, I fish lots of venues in the midlands including woodlands view, manor farm, moorlands farm, but my most successful venue and a venue that is close to my heart has to be Larford lakes. The summer months however often see me fishing all over the country in pursuit of qualification for Maver Match This and Fish O Mania. I feel it is very important to fish different venues as it opens your mind to all styles of fishing and improves you as an angler.


Company Director


Larford and the Glebe

Top Tips: 

Tip 1, always keep a little blog of your match results I.e dates, weather, winning weight, winning baits + methods etc, You will be very surprised at the patterns you find.

Tip 2, when shallow fishing, fish as short a line as possible between pole tip and float (fishery rules dependent) this will result in a much higher "hit" ratio on bites.

Tip 3, When fishing banded pellet always carry different shades of pellets, switching to a lighter or a darker hooker can bring instant success 

Tip 4, Always check the ends of your elastic for wear before attaching your rigs.

Tip 5, And the most important!! Don't forget to to treat your partner/wife with your match winnings, a happy home makes a happy angler.


All varieties of feeder fishing - method, pellet and cage.