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Mike McMillan


Mike has been fishing since the age of 6 where he started to fish junior matches in and around Northamptonshire, before joining a larger club with around 50 members.

After a successful 10 years of club fishing he decided to move onto the open circuit, and was fortunate to fish for Fox Match/Got baits for around 4 years. It was during this time, the art of commercial carp fishing for big weights really came into play and still remains at the forefront of most commercial match fishing.

After a successful time with Fox match, Mike was offered the opportunity to fish for Tubertini and fished individually/Team with them for about 2 years, introducing new products into the UK, primarily for the commercial match scene. At that time the team were successful winning three consecutive winter league matches in and round Buckinghamshire.

In 2012 Mike joined the mighty Preston Innovations DELCAC and reached the winter league final every year to date with them. Garbolino are delighted to have Mike join an already very impressive team and look forward to helping him persue his individual career in Match fishing.


Maver Match This Finalist 2014 & 2017

Biggest ever qualifying Maver Match This weight with 355lb - Monks Lake - Venue record!

White Acres Milo Festival 2nd place 2016 - 180 anglers

Countless top 30 placings in White Acres festivals

Rushmoor Winter league - Gold valley 2012 winners with DELCAC

Angling Times finalist with DELCAC 2013,2014,2015

Over 30 match wins at Monks Lake in 2014

Bronze Medal in the Commercial National 2017 with Team Garbolino


Top Tips: 

1. Always fish to your strengths and try not to recreate other anglers tactics. Always have your own twist.

2. Think about having micros in your armoury when pellet fishing. Don't just concentrate on fishing 4's or bigger when targeting bigger fish. You will be surprised the difference they can make.

3. Less can be more when fishing groundbait down the edge.

4. Use soft elastic! Quite often I see anglers using heavy and tight elastic. Using light elastic allows fish to leave the swim with less comotion.

5. Be positive! We all draw bad pegs, but quite often you learn more from making the most of a bad peg. Never give up!