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Neil stormed onto the commercial match scene over 10 years ago now by winning two of the most coveted competitions in match fishing; the Parkdean and Fishomania £25,000 winner takes all, both in the same year! But Neil has been around for many years in high level match fishing and proved his consistency by winning the Kamasan Matchman of the year for the second time in 2008.

Neil is a key member in the Garbolino consultancy team as he has many excellent ideas on product development. Proof of that is the revolutionary Method feeder mould which was invented by Neil. What method angler could do without one these days!

What Neil has to say: -

I actually live in Whitmore, Newcastle Under Lyme, 1 mile from Cudmore and 5 miles from Heronbrook, These are my favourite venues and not just because they are on my door step.

Favourite Method – I enjoy all methods, but long and short pole are by far my favourite. 



Construction Site Manager


Cudmore & Heronbrook Fisheries


2004 Midlands Match Angler of the Year.

2 x Kamasan Matchman of the Year, with a record 80pts.

2006 Fisho Mania £25,000 Winner, with a record 98 kilos and 4 x Finalist.

2006 Parkdean Masters £25,000 Winner.

2006 White Acres Preston Festival Winner.

2010 Pole Fishing Magazine, Pole Fishing Knockout Cup Champion.

2010 Maver British Pole Pairs Championship Winner, with Andy Moors.

As well as countless open match wins.

Top Tips: 

1). When fishing in the margins always remember its essential to find the best depth to catch fish at to optimise your catch rate. You will see fish tailing up in the shallow water but this is not necessarily the best place to catch them. Fish in to shallower water and the fish will spook, fish to deep and you risk foul hooking fish. It’s important to find a happy medium where the fish are combatable feeding.

2). Left hand margins are usually the best in my experience for a couple of reasons. Most anglers are right handed which means its easier and more comfortable to fish the pole across the body to the left rather than swivel around on their box and fish to the right. Also a right handed angler tends to have his or her bait table on their left hand side and at the end of a competition they throw any unused bait down their left hand margin. If your struggling going into the last hour of the match its worth pilling in whatever bait you have left, down the edge to mimic an angler packing up. This will sometimes fool large fish into thinking it the end of the competition.

3). If I’m  fishing small pieces of paste for F1s or small fish I like to use a mix of course pellets and high oil pellets ground down in a coffee grinder, 70/30 is about right. The high oil  pellet prevents the paste breaking down too quickly and guarantees there is enough wrapped around the hook when it reaches the bottom.

4).  Float choice, try and stick to just a handful of different patterns rather than buying lots of different shapes and sizes. Garbolino make a float for every situation so choose the ones that fit your style of fishing the best. DC 6T , DC 11 , and DC 27s are the ones I tend to stick with for 95% of my fishing.

5). Good Preparation is the key to being a successful match angler, always make sure you have enough rigs and hook lengths tied, you have enough terminal tackle feeders and hooks extra, and that you have a good selection of bait and also the right quantities. Don’t leave anything to chance. There’s a fine balance between winning and losing a competition.


Pole carping