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Peter Black


Pete is a sales assistant at one of the biggest match fishing tackle stores in the country, Fosters of Birmingham! Growing up on the canals around the midlands he has over the last few years moved onto commercials. Pete has become one of the biggest young stars of today. Fishing for the Maver Midlands team he has excelled in his commercial fishing, compenant at all styles, but has really made his name fishing snake lakes like Tunnel Barn Farm where he boasts a huge amount of success. This year has been awesome for Pete! Not only has he been one of the youngest anglers to reach a Fish O Mania final, Pete now boasts the title of the youngest ever angler to win this prestigous competition. Pete has many, many years ahead of him and Garbolino are proud to have him on board.


Fish O Mania Champion 2018

Qualifying for Fish O Mania at Tunnel Barn Farm .

The youngest ever angler to win Fish O Mania!

Tunnel Barn Farm winter league round winner also finishing in the top 5 teams of 4 for numerous years .

Heronbrook teams of 4 round winners, top 4 team place two years running .

Numerous match wins at venues such as Tunnel Barn and Meadowlands. 

Top Tips: 

Always be prepared, never leave anything to chance .

Never give up,  because you can still get a result if some bonus fish turn up.

Try to work out whats the best feeding technique on the day and don’t be afraid of putting some bait in to make something happen because the noise can draw a fish into the area .

Never ignore silverfish on commercials, on those tough days and tough pegs you will be surprised how big some of the bags of silverfish you can catch on commercials, combined with a few carp early and late you may just put together a winning weight.   

Asses the conditions when you get to your peg before making your plan. Dont go to your peg with one set idea! Things can change, especially the conditions.