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Sophie is one of the UK's biggest prospects in ladies match fishing and her goal is to make the England ladies squad in the near future. She is certainly heading the right way and is also showing the men how good she is on the open match scene; she also progressed recently qualified  for the UK Champs series! Sophie is based in Kent but does a lot of travelling all around the country to help her improve her all-round ability. Sophie commented: - "It's great to be associated with Garbolino and I look forward to helping the brand as much as I can, it will certainly help me with my match fishing".


Insurance Lloyds of London


White Acres, Mote Park, Willows Lakes and Lindholme


Being part of Starlets Ladies, 2015, 2016 & 2017. 

Ladies National Gold Winner

Ladies National 3rd 2013

Ladies Furzton Lake Champion 2013

Ladies National Champion 2012

Ladies Lindholme Festival Champion 2012

Ladies Festival White Acres 3rd 2012

Ladies Fish O Mania Runner up 2014, Finalist in 2013 & 2017 

Runner up in the 2016 Fish for a Grand Silvers League at Monks Lake 

Top Tips: 

1). Mixing groundbait is the first job at your peg, allowing it plenty of time to take on water before the start of the match.

2). Good clothing is a must, once cold you cannot fish to your full potential.

3). When going to a new venue, speak to venue locals and try to gain as much information as possible.

4). In hot weather make sure you keep your bait fresh by using a bait brolly and a cool bag with ice packs.

5). When tying hooks and rigs, label them so you cannot forget what line or hook you have used.


Bloodworm fishing for silvers and Method Feeder for Carp and Bream