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Stephane Pottelet


Stephane is currently ranked as the World's number 2 angler in the FIPS Float only World Championships ranking. This is the second year running. Currently a key member of Team France and at the very top of his game. Renowned for his skills at catching small fish like roach, bleak and skimmers at incredible speeds, however, he is adept at every style of fishing. He loves catching 'Poisson Chats' (French Catfish) on pole and waggler, but is a formidable angler on the Bolo or flat float. He is an automatic selection for every French National team even in the strongest line-ups.

Stephane is also the Product Manager for Garbolino and has added tremendous strength to an already strong team. His influences in product development and attention to detail are already showing in the new ranges coming through.


Team World Champions 2004 in Willebroek Belgium

Individual Silver medalist World Champs 2005 in Finland

Individual Silver medalist World Champs 2013 Poland

Bronze medal team winners 2012 World Fishing Champs Czech Republic, & 2017 Belgium

Individual bronze medalist World Champs 2012 Czech Republic

Bronze medal team winners World Club Champs France

Individual Champion European Champions 2011 Poland

Individual Silver medalist European Champs 2006

Team Bronze medalists European Champs 2007 in Modena (Italy);

French National Champion 2010 & 2014

Team Champions of France in 2014 & 2016

Regional French Champion in 2010 & 2011

Second in France National Champs 2013 & 2014

Team runners up in French Club Champs 1996 & 2015

Regional vice-champion of France regional teams 1997 & 2014

Bronze medalist in French National Championships in waggler/Bolo fishing 2005, 2013 & 2015

3rd in the French National championships 1997

Plus many other big victories in France!