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Extra large diameter rings for safely keeping bigger bags of fish safe.
Brand new 'D' shaped design top makes it much easier to drop your landing net into when putting a big fish safely into your net.

Soft fine polyester fish friendly durable mesh
Strong and robust alloy frames also help the net sink into position.
Coated rings help protect the mesh and reduce wear for extra durability and longer life.
New durable yet simple to use multi position angle lock
Reinforced ring taping and heavy duty lower ring protection for longer lasting nets!
Neat new metal top rings and cloth sided tops reduce the issue of 'hook ups' when swinging the rig in or shipping out.
Pull through handles with smaller base rings make weighing in much quicker and efficient as well. The weighted base rings also sit in the water much better.
Angling Foundation approved
Reinforced ring taping and heavy duty corner protection on the underside of the base of the square nets.
Code Length (m)     Dimensions (mm) RRP (£)
GOMAA0203300 3.00     600 £54.99
GOMAA0203400 4.00     600 £64.99