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Although not directly in partnership with the Angling Trust, at Garbolino we believe that all fishermen should be members of this new organisation. With every UK angler's support the Angling Trust can give us a true single voice where it is needed and help strengthen our sport in every aspect for future years to come.

The Angling Trust represents all coarse, game and sea anglers in England.  It lobbies government and its agencies at all levels, fights pollution and fish disease, manages all the national and international matches and invests in angling development to encourage greater participation.  It will only succeed if you support it – please join today. Individual members of Angling Trust can register free for the Fish For Free loyalty programme, which enables you to earn points when shopping at over 200 participating retailers which you can use to pay for tackle, day and season tickets, the EA rod licence and your future Angling Trust membership.  Angling Trust – The Voice of Angling.