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Talk to anyone old and young who knows anything about poles and the name Garbolino will crop up. Garbolino are one of the oldest manufacturers and designers of poles and have withstood the onslaught of the challenge from the Far East through constant innovation and quality of products. Strong, durable, reliable, light weight, rigid and overall good value for money. Need we say more!

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competition poles.

Garbolino have been involved in the development of competition poles for over 50 years now. For many years we have supplied the French National team with poles and they have won many world championships both individually and as a team. The late great Bobby Smithers won the World Championships using a Garbolino Pole as did Kevin Ashurst!

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Today's poles need to be robust enough to fish on Britains commercial fisheries but light and managable to fish at long lengths. They need to be strong enough to fish for big fish with heavy elastics yet quick on the strike if fishing for silvers on rivers or canals. For the angler who wants want pole to do everything they need to be 'Multi-purpose'. Garbolino's Multi purpose poles are what they say! Designed to cope with everything you throw at them. Whatever the rating of elastic you will find a pole for your needs in the Garbolino range.