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An awesome pole with an amazing pole package designed for UK styles of fishing and only available in the UK. Unlike many of its rivals this pole is built to fish at 16m rather than a 13m continental pole with extensions.

The G MAX SUPER MATCH is even stiffer and lighter than its predecessor due to the tweaking of carbon/resin contents and new mandrel profiles on some sections, yet it maintains the same amount of strength to provide a pole which can withstand all that the UK Commercial fishery match anglers will throw at it. Long shallow fishing puts a massive amount of pressure on the bigger pole sections especially when slapping and flicking the rig over time and time again. Garbolino sections are now built to slow down the delaminating process which occurs when 'slapping' meaning that your pole will last you longer! The G MAX SUPER MATCH stacks up against every other pole on the market whatever you ask of it from fishing for silvers on the river or canal right through to commercial carping with extreme confidence.

The perfect 16m package of kits and sections which will help cover all situations!
Superb Pole Package: -
-G MAX Super Match 16m Pole
- 2 x 2.9m Match Lite Kits
- 3 x 2.9m Power Lite Kits
- 3 x 2.9m Power Puller Slot Kit
- 1 x Extendable Potting Kit + Cups
- 1 x Short Number 4 Section
- 1 x Deluxe Holdall


Pick one up and you will see what we mean, unrivalled at its price in terms of performance in use, rather than in the showroom!

Code Description Length (m) Sections Weight (g) SSP (£)
GOMCB8601 16M Pole pack 16.00 10 - £2099.99
GOMRA8700MLKV Match lite top kit 2.90 2 32 £84.99
GOMRA8701PLKV Power lite top kit 2.90 2 42 £84.99
GOMRA8751iPLKV Power lite puller kit 2.90 2 40 £89.99
GOMRA8750iMLKV Match lite puller kit 2.90 2 40 £89.99
GOMRB8620-K3 Top 3 kit - - - £179.99
9994CG10V Short 4 power 1.03 1 38 £74.99
GOMRA8620-E2 1.8m extension 1.80 1 324 £275.00