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Purpose designed rods to suit the UK market. Whatever the price you are looking to pay then you should find the rod to suit your needs within the Garbolino range. These are not just 'off the shelf' rods they have been designed and tested by our specialist consultants to ensure that they are totally fit for purpose whatever price they are. You can be sure that you are getting maximum performance for your money with Garbolino rods. Fast becomming one of the UK's best selling brand of rods!

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A fantastic range of rods to suit all price points. if you are looking for a all-round float rod for £30 or a specialised power carp waggler then look no further. These rods have been specifically designed for the UK by England International and top match angler Darren Cox.

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Its easy to make a good feeder rod but to make a fantastic feeder rod you need the help of top anglers like Steve Cooke and Darren Cox. The Super G Feeder rods have made a fantastic impact on the commercial carp scene and the range covers everything you will need winter or summer. But for value for money you cannot beat the the Coach and Squad ranges. Check out the Squad Pellet Combo , you wont believe the value! Whatever you need a feeder rod for and whatever you wish to spend you will find the quality you need here.