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The Rocket Carp Picker is ideal for fishing the straight lead or small to medium sized feeder for all species and is perfect for commercials. The shorter length makes it ideal for tucking close to the bank in windy conditions enabling the angler to see the most delicate of indications.

Available in three different lengths the rods come complete with 3 different strength fibre glass tips. Complete with lined 'T' guides throughout.

Recommended reel lines: 2lb - 5lb
Recommended hook lengths: 12oz - 4lb
Code Length (m) Closed Length (m) Sections Weight (g) Casting RRP (£)
GOFRA8101240-2 8'/2.40 1.35


180 10/35 £24.99
GOFRA8101270-2 9'/2.75 1.45 2+3 220 10/35 £26.99
GOFRA8101300-2 10'/3.00 1.55 2+3 300 10/35 £29.99