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Two perfectly blended V-NET Spiralite carbon feeder rods. Built specifically for todays demanding and specialized UK Commercial fisheries. These rods must be handled with a line through them to appreciate the quality of the action as well as the finish! The 11' versions are perfect for all middle distance work up to 60 meters whether it's straight lead or method feeder.

The progressive actions mean that there is always plenty of power left in reserve when you need to put pressure on that big fish or get the feeder out straight in a bad cross wind; but they also have that all important mellow blend to them which helps when lighter hook lengths are also necessary. The 13' version gives that extra bit of length when you need to cast further without losing its fish
playing action. Not cheap but quality never is. All the rods come complete with 4 variable strength carbon tips.

Reel Lines: 2lb - 6lb
Hook Lengths: 1lb - 6lb/0.6mm -0.20mm
Code Length (Feet / m)   Sections Weight (g) Casting RRP (£)
GMF 3303M 11'/3.30   3+4 165 20/75 £275.00
GMF 3903M 13'/3.90   3+4 195 20/75 £275.00