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Already a very popular rod amongst the UK's top match and club anglers the Super G have 'feeder style' guides to improve casting distance and accuracy as well as making it easier when using braid and shock leaders.

Perfect rods for carp or bream feeder/bomb fishing. Progressive through actions make accurate casting very simple, and enable the angler to put extreme amounts of pressure on big fish without the hook pulling or line breaking, even under the rod tip! These rods guarantee that you will land a bigger percentage of fish hooked, and you will be able to do it quicker too!

Tastefully finished off with modest graphics, quality hard wearing SIC feeder guides and Fuji reel seat. These rods come in a cloth bag with two Garbolino rod wraps and four different grades of quiver tips: -
- 1/2oz Glass tip which is perfect for spotting delicate roach and skimmer bites and prevent tip damage when fishing braid.
- 1/2oz, 3/4oz and 1oz Carbon tips which are perfect when there is tow or flow on the water and much better than glass for carp feedering.

Recommended Reel lines: 2lb - 6lb


Either length will cast standard feeders or medium method feeders comfortably up to 65-70 meters.

Code Length (Feet / m) EnClosed (m) Sections Weight (g Casting RRP (£)
SG 11FD 11'/3.30 1.27 3+4 175 20/75 £129.99
SG 12FD 12'/3.60 1.28 3+4 190 20/75 £139.99