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Scott Geens


We don't really have to tell you much about Scott Geens that you already don't know. Scott now runs his own successful property maintenance business but has spent over 15 years working in the angling industry in the retail and manufacturing sectors so is a key source of input for product development. He is also an integral member of the mighty Starlets team and has been for over a decade, he now concentrates his individual angling on the resurgent natural venue scene.


2017 Individual National Bronze Medallist

Wye Team Champs 2017 Team Winner

4 x Riverfest Finalist

Matchfishing Team Champs Winner

Riverfest 2013 Individual Day 2 Winner

British Open Finalist

Upper Severn Team Champs Individual Winner

3 x Winter League Final Winners Medals

Team Bronze at 2009 World Club Champs

3 x National Team Gold Medals

2009 Division 1 National 4th Place

3 x Angling Trust Canal Pairs Finalist

Match wins on the Severn, Avon, Trent, Wye as well as various canals and stillwaters.

Top Tips: 

Pay attention to the prevailing weather conditions, particularly wind direction and speed and this can affect where you fish and how far you can feed. Make sure you can comfortably feed and fish your chosen lines, if not fish shorter.

Presentation and feeding are the two most important aspects of match fishing; always have them at the forefront of your thoughts and be ready to adapt to keep catching, increase your catch rate or target a better stamp of fish. Don’t be afraid to increase or decrease your feed rates and gauge the response.

Always fill your reels to the lip of the spool, it will aid casting and allow you pay out line easier, particularly when float fishing on running water. Also use G-Float line spray which will improve line control and allow a faster pick up on the strike.