I have been working and fishing with Garbolino for over 20 years now. Its wonderful to be associated with such a credible brand and nice people who care about our sport. It is especially nice to see the brand growing. When we visit fisheries meeting anglers through our Garbolino Angling Academy days and Club Angler of the Year matches it is not only good fun but great to help anglers who want advice and want to better themselves. Its amazing how high the standard is these days.

tip of the month.

“Preparation is extremely important in match fishing. Tying plenty of hooks so that you can change at a whim gives me an advantage and saves me so much time when fishing. Not only that but because they are ready in my hook box it encourages me to experiment as it's so easy to do so. You can learn from every angler who fishes. Don't assume anything, take it all in and one day that information will reap rewards for you. Fishing is a memory game. The more you remember what you did, what they did around you and what the winners did in relation to the conditions on the day the more you will learn. If you can't remember it then write it down!”


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Age: 46


Darren is regarded as one of the UK's best all-round match anglers, originally 'cutting his teeth' on the tough Yorkshire circuit he then moved down to the Midlands when he started work. Whether it's rivers, lakes or canals he can turn his hand to it all!
A regular in the Drennan Team England squad over the last 8 years Darren devotes much of his time to his team fishing. But on the individual stakes he also has some big victories to his name!

Favourite Product:

My G MAX Super Legion Pole and G System Mini Carp 10' Feeder

Favourite Method:

Long pole and bloodworm for roach and bream or waggler fishing for carp

Favourite Venue:

White Acres or anywhere abroad fishing International rules


Angling Times British Junior Champion (1981)
Top ten individual in three Nationals
11 National medals (Team & individual)
Twice Embassy Pairs finalist. Top points individual 2003
Hardy Team Bitter winning team (Denmark 1998) Joint 1st Individual.
Individual winner of Drennan Superleague final on Trent (1998)
Third individual of Drennan Superleague final on Trent (1999)
Individual winner of Drennan Superleague final at Heyford (2000)
Drennan Superleague Team champions (2000)
British Open Champion 2002
Qualifier of Kamasan final for seven years in succession
3 England caps in 6 Nations (2002 - 2004)
7 England caps at European championships level.
Parkdean Skolmasters £25,000 Final winner (2002) & 6 times finalist
Sensas Challenge final team winner (France 2002)
Fish O Mania qualifier 2003 (runner-up in final)
Fish O Mania qualifier 2004
Angling Times Winter League Team Champions 2004 & 2007
Division 1 National Team Champions 2005
White Acres Garbolino Silver Festival winner 2006
White Acres Milo Festival winner 2007.
UK Champs runner up 2007 & 2009, & 3rd in 2010!
UK Sensas Challenge Final day 1 individual winner
Fish O Mania Qualifier 2008
Division 1 National Team Champions 2008 & 2010
Makins Phase 2 record holder - 216lb 10oz (2008)
4 x Argos National Champion.
Midland Angler of Year runner-up 2005 & 2008
Bronze medal in World Club Champs in Slovakia 2009
Shakespeare Evesham £6,000 winner 2009
Bronze medalist in Belgium at World Feeder Championships 2012.
White Acres Milo Festival winner 2012
Fisho Mania Qualifier 2013
Maver Match This Finalist 2014

Top Tip:

Feeding is the key to most fishing, and generally a little and often approach will reap the best rewards. It's all about interpreting what the fish want on the day and being bold enough to up the anti even when you are catching. Read what is going on and you will generally get the best from your peg.

Latest Purchase:

Some new plummets as I tend to loose feed them!
Ive now started doing it with disgorgers as well so I buy a few of these every week at the moment!